For New Parents

Bundle of Joy

Celebrate a new arrival with delicious, nourishing meals that offer convenience during those sleep-deprived early weeks. The BEST OF IPSA Bundle has everything a new parent needs.

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for those grieving

Sympathy + Support

Show your heartfelt condolences with our COMFORT PACKAGE, a thoughtful way to offer solace through warm, ready-to-serve meals during difficult times.

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Get well soon

Recovery + Well-being

Send a GET WELL SOON BUNDLE to provide comfort and nourishment to someone on the mend. These simple meals help them focus on healing.

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new beginnings

A WELCOME HOME PACKAGE from Ipsa means your loved ones can unpack and settle in without worrying about meals. Gift them the taste of home as they start their new chapter. This bundle doesn't require any additional pots or pans!

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Say Thank you


Say "Thank You" with a selection of gourmet favorites that express appreciation deliciously and distinctively.

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Send Well-Wishes

Celebratory Cheers

Mark a birthday, Mother's Day or any celebratory occasion with our FESTIVE BUNDLE —perfect for making any day a special one.

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Prefer to send a gift card?

If you're not sure when your loved one will be home, or what they'd like to order, send them a gift card! They can use it on the items they'd like and schedule their own delivery. Gift cards don't expire!