Ingredients + Sourcing

We take serious pride in selecting every ingredient that goes into ipsa dishes. In addition to taste, here are the factors we consider when making sourcing decisions (all of which happen to start with ‘P’).


We prioritize partnering with small farmers and independent purveyors who take the same pride in their work that we do in ours. We respect the craft that goes into food made by hand and the hustle that goes into running a small business.


Local matters, but so does locale–when selecting ingredients we consider not only what’s in season in our region but also where else to find the best versions of a particular ingredient.


Organic whenever possible–and practical. That ends up being most of the time in our case, but our approach is more holistic than just conventional vs organic. We consider the impact of farming practices on the land, animals, and people involved...including our customers.


We’re committed to sourcing meat & dairy products raised responsibly, because it’s the right thing to do–and more delicious. All of our meat and most of the dairy we buy is raised by farmers who practice humane and sustainable methods. Pastured meat tastes better because the animals are raised in their element, where they’re able to express their natural tendencies and eat a diet that allows them to thrive.