Introducing the newest member of team ipsa



“Ipsa is re-imagining frozen food for the 21st century”

- tom colicchio

We’re thrilled to present the newest member of team ipsa: Chef Tom Colicchio has joined us as an advisor and investor.

There are many chefs we admire. Chefs with impeccable technique. Chefs committed to seasonality. Chefs who’ve built business empires. Chefs who fight for what’s right. Chefs, of course, whose food is undeniably, insanely delicious. But not many chefs check each and every one of those boxes. Tom Colicchio does.

If you’d asked us in the earliest days to list the chefs who best represent our vision for ipsa, Tom’s name would be at the top. In many ways, he was already a part of the team: Tom’s essential cookbook Think Like a Chef taught Josh to cook, and Micah trained in one of the iconic restaurants he founded–Gramercy Tavern. He cooked with seasonal produce from small local farms before that was cool. He’s trained a who’s who of the most talented chefs around. And he’s used his star power and boundless energy to advocate for a better food system.

Tom is also an avid home cook who understands the unique ability of the freezer to help busy people get a delicious meal on the table with minimal effort. Our new partnership means Tom will help our team develop recipes, source ingredients, and build a progressive business during the next phase of our mission to transform the role frozen food plays in your kitchen.

-Micah + Josh

Watch the reel here