Ragù Bolognese Ragù Bolognese Ragù Bolognese

Ragù Bolognese

Serves 2-3 ($8.00 - $12.00 / Serving)
Artisanal Pasta included

Highlights from the most delicious versions Micah tasted in a three-month pasta fueled trek through Italy. Beef and pork; no shortcuts taken.
Grass-fed beef, heritage pork, and aromatics meld into a complex sauce of rich chicken stock, bright marinara and red wine.
Grated Parmesan, Pecorino, or Grana Padano, Parsley (roughly chopped), Green salad or sauteed leafy greens
Tomato, Chicken Stock (Water, Chicken, Onion, Celery, Carrot, Parsley, Thyme, Bay Leaf, Black Pepper), Beef, Pork, Onion, Carrot, Red Wine, Celery, Tomato Paste, Pancetta, Garlic, Cream, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Butter, Parmigiano Reggiano, Milk, Parsley, Kosher Salt, Porcini Mushroom, Rosemary, Anchovy, Sage, Canola Oil, Black Pepper, Chile Flakes, Bay Leaf. Contains: Fish, Milk.
Set a pot of heavily salted water to boil. Place Bolognese in a covered saucepan with 2-3 tbsp water over medium heat until contents are simmering.
Cook pasta (included), stirring occasionally, until 1 minute before al dente. Drain, reserving some pasta cooking liquid.
Add pasta to sauce, increase heat to medium-high, and toss to coat.
Stir in some of the reserved pasta water by tablespoonfuls if sauce seems dry.
Season to taste with black pepper and grated cheese.