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Chicken Udon Soup

Chicken Udon Soup

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We partnered with chef Maiko Kyogoku on a pair of dishes inspired by Japanese homestyle classics.

This Japanese version of chicken noodle soup — called Nabeyaki Udon  is what we plan to eat all winter long. It starts with a custom dashi mix and soy-based broth, then we add tender chicken thigh and organic veg including bok choy, carrots, and shiitake mushrooms. Don't forget the springy udon noodles (included)!

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Water, Chicken , Bok Choy*, Shiitake Mushroom*, Carrot*, Spinach, Scallion, Dashi Powder (Dried Tuna, Kombu, Dried Shiitake Mushroom, Dried Anchovy), Tamari (Soybeans*, Water, Salt, Mirin*), Sake, Salt, Sugar*.*Organic Ingredient. CONTAINS: Fish.
UDON NOODLES (Included Separately): Noodles: Flour, Water, Salt, Starch Acetate. CONTAINS: Wheat

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  • We're big fans of fresh sliced scallions to add a mild bite. Wash, dry, and trim a couple scallions. Cut off the roots and slice the green tops very thinly on a bias (at a sharp diagonal angle). Plate up the dish and sprinkle over top.

  • Finish with a sprinkle of this favorite Japanese spice blend for some subtle heat. Though there’s plenty of variation, most shichimi blends contain red chili pepper, citrus peel, toasted sesame seeds, and nori.

  • For a heartier meal, crack an egg directly into the just-boiling soup to quickly poach it. We simmer four minutes for a runny yolk, five to six for a more set yolk.