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Bake-from-frozen cookies

Rye Chocolate Cherry Cookies

Rye Chocolate Cherry Cookies

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Bake up our Rye Chocolate Cherry cookies in a moment when you're craving a treat with a bit more complexity than a classic chocolate chip cookie, but still want those gooey crispy chewy notes all the same. An Ipsa essential, these bad boys are made with earthy rye flour and poppy seeds with sour cherries and dark chocolate chunks.

Our legendary bake-from-frozen cookies now come in three totally genius flavors and are packed in a resealable, compostable pouch! As convenient as they are craveable, these cookies bake up to perfection in 15 minutes or less.  

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Flour (Rye*, All-Purpose*), Sugar (Granulated Cane*, Brown*), Butter, Dark Chocolate (Cocoa Beans, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin, Vanilla Extract), Dried Cherry, Eggs, Poppy Seeds*, Salt, Baking Powder, Baking Soda. CONTAINS: Egg, Milk, Wheat, Soy.

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  • These cookies don’t need any help, but we won’t deny they’re extra luxurious with a scoop of ice cream or mascarpone. Once the cookies are out of the oven, let stand to cool for a bit. Serve up in bowls or plates and add a scoop.

  • Go with your intuition! Milk and cookies are a clichĂ© for a reason. We love to indulge with whole milk here – just dunk and eat!

  • Flaky sea salt is one of our favorite ways to bring out the flavor and add a little crunch to our dishes – yes, even desserts! Slightly less "salty" than finer salts, flaky sea salt (we love Maldon or Jacobsen) can be sprinkled liberally tableside before serving.