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Tuscan Minestrone

Tuscan Minestrone

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A northern Italian classic, made with heirloom borlotti beans, San Marzano tomatoes,  organic butternut squash and lacinato kale. Serve with artisinal ditalini (included) and finish with a glug of good-quality olive oil and a healthy dusting of parm.

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Water, Tomato*, Squash*, Beans, Kale*, Onion*, Carrot*, Leeks, Celery*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Garlic*, Salt, Rosemary, Sage, Bay Leaf.<br>*Organic Ingredient
DITALINI (Included Separately): Semolina Flour, Water. Contains: Wheat.

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  • Fresh, crusty bread (we like a classic baguette) from your neighborhood bakery is all you need to round out this dish. We recommend tearing instead of slicing to maximize nooks and crannies.

  • A sprinkle of roughly chopped fresh herbs is a simple way to take any dish to the next level. For this dish, we go with parsley to add freshness and flavor. Wash, dry well, and remove most of the tough stems. Roughly chop and sprinkle on top before serving.

  • Who doesn't love freshly grated parm on everything? But any salty, hard cheese will do here. We recommend long, thin strips (you can do this with a potato peeler!) or using a microplane to create a nice, fluffy cheese-dusting to your meal.