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Tangy Coconut Chicken

Tangy Coconut Chicken

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CHICKEN: Chicken, Salt, Olive Oil.

TANGY ADOBO SAUCE: Coconut Milk, Onion, Tamari (Water, Soybeans, Salt, Alcohol), Balsamic Vinegar, Coconut Oil, Brown Sugar, Garlic, Sichuan Peppercorn, Xanthan Gum, Chile Flakes, Bay Leaf.

CONTAINS: Soy, Tree Nuts (Coconut).

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  • A sprinkle of roughly chopped fresh herbs is a simple way to take any dish to the next level. For this dish, we go with¬†cilantro¬†to add freshness and flavor. Wash, dry well, and remove most of the tough stems. Roughly chop and sprinkle on top before serving.

  • Fresh, crusty bread (we like a classic baguette) from your neighborhood bakery is all you need to round out this dish. We recommend tearing instead of slicing to maximize nooks and crannies.

  • You can‚Äôt go wrong with a simple side salad made from farmers market greens. Tear the greens into big pieces and lightly dress with a simple vinaigrette. Ours goes something like this: 1 part acid (vinegar or lemon juice), 3 parts good olive oil, a bit of dijon mustard, a few drops of maple syrup, salt + pepper.